Maine State Task Force

The Maine Music Therapy Task Force is a group of leading music therapists promoting advocacy, education, and legislative efforts in order to increase the recognition and accessibility of music therapy services to Mainers.

In cooperation with the American Music Therapy Association and Certification Board for Music Therapists, we identify important state-level issues and work together to ensure the safe, ethical, and accessible practice of music therapy in Maine. 

Our primary aims are:

  • Increased access to music therapy services for clients and families in need.

  • Public protection from misrepresentation and potential harm by uncredentialed individuals who claim to provide 'music therapy' services, potentially turning clients away from a beneficial evidence-based treatment option.

  • Title protection of the designation ‘music therapist’, and state recognition of the MT-BC credential.

  • Increased awareness of music therapy as a service option among other professionals, state agencies, and healthcare facilities

Are you having trouble accessing music therapy services? We want to hear from you.

In 2021, our Task Force is prioritizing access issues related to the inclusion of music therapy IEPs. We would like to hear from families and educators about their experiences. Contact us here